Chandel, 795125 Schools List

Schools list located in Chandel, 795125, in the district in the state of Manipur

School name Village Block
Konaitong P/s Konaitong Machi
Akungning Svs Akungning Tamei
Atangkhunnou Ps Atangkhunnou Tamei
Chaton Jr. High School Chaton Tamei
Dikiuram Ps Dikiuram Tamei
Nbiulongriang School Dikiuram Tamei
Dunong Ps Dunong Tamei
Illeng Ps Illeng Tamei
Joupi Ps Joupi Tamei
Kabangning Ps Kabangning Tamei
Kabonram Svs(yanglenphai) Kabonram Tamei
Kadi Ps Kadi - I Tamei
Jaduki Svs Kadi - Ii Tamei
Chapailong Svs Kadi - Iii Tamei
Kasanlong (kadi-iii) Ps Kadi - Iii Tamei
Khundong Khunkhaiba Ps Khundong Khunkhaiba Tamei
Kuilong Ps Kuilong - I Tamei
Kuilong Iii Ps Kuilong Iii Tamei
Lamlaba Jr. High School Lamlaba Tamei
Hope Foundation Academy Langmei Tamei
Langmei Christian Aided Ps Langmei Tamei
Langmei High School Langmei Tamei
Langmei Ps Langmei Tamei
Langpram Ps Langpram Tamei
Lassan Ps Lassan Tamei
Lemta Ps Lemta Tamei
Khunphung Ps (new) Lenglong Tamei
Lenglong Jr. High School Lenglong Tamei
Majonram Aided Lps Majonram Tamei
Makui Jr. High School Makui Tamei
Paragon Aided Lps Makui Tamei
Makui Ashang Makui Ashang Tamei
Chamriupiu Svs Makui Chamriupiu Tamei
Makui Aided School Makui Part - I Tamei
Saramjao Aided Ps Makui Saramjao Tamei
Makui Thebram Ps Makui Thebram Tamei
Makuinong Ps Makuinong Tamei
Nallong Ps Nallong Tamei
Liangna Pvt Ps Namraining Tamei
New Kunphung Jr. High School New Konphung Tamei
New Lemta Svs New Lemta Tamei
New Lenglong Ps New Lenglong Tamei
New Pallong Ps New Pallong Tamei
New Takou Ps New Takou Tamei
New Thenjang Svs New Thenjang Tamei
Nurathel Ps Nurathem Tamei
Old Pallong Ps Old Pallong Tamei
Phoikon Ps Phoikan Tamei
Piulong Primary School Piulong Tamei
Piulong Svs Piulong Tamei