Tousem block, Tamenglong Schools List

Schools list located in Tousem, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
Aben Ps Aben Aben 795141
Atengba Ps Atengba Atengba 795141
Azuram Jr. High School Azuram Azuram 795141
Balbung Primary School Balbung (non-ex) Oinamlong 795141
Charinapang Ps Charinapang Atengba 795141
Chingkao Ps Chingkao Atengba 795141
New Chingkao Ps Chingkao Atengba 795141
Chingkhonglong Ps Chingkhonglong Atengba 795141
Saramba Ps Chramram Azuram 795141
Taolangjang Ps Ejeirong Atengba 795141
Thingtubung Ps Hilghat Kaiphundai 795141
Impah Ps Impah Inem 795141
Impah Ningdi Svs Impah Ningdi Azuram 795141
Inem Ps Inem Inem 795141
New Magulong Ps (new) Inem Inem 795141
J. Pabram Ps J. Pabram Azuram 795141
Kaimai Ps (kuki) Kaimai Naga Oinamlong 795141
Kaiphundai (new) Ps Kaiphundai Kaiphundai 795141
New Kaiphundai Aided Lps Kaiphundai Kaiphundai 795141
Kamranga Khasi Ps Kamranga Khasi Phaitol 795141
Katang Pry. School Katang Inem 795141
Lower Katang Ps Katang Inem 795141
Katangnam Ps Katangnam Mandu 795141
Zenning Svs Katiang Inem 795141
Khedagar Khasi Ps Khedagar Khasi Phaitol 795141
Khedagar Ps Khedagar Khasi Phaitol 795141
Kulbung Ps Kulbung Kaiphundai 795141
Laijang Primary School Laijang (non-ex) Azuram 795141
Langkhalong Primary School Langkhalong (non-ex) Aben 795141
Lhangnom Ps Lhangnom Kaiphundai 795141
Longchai Aided Lps Longchai Aben 795141
Longjon Ps Longjon Atengba 795141
Magulong High School Magulong Inem 795141
Majurong Primary School Majurong (non-ex) Mandu 795141
Mamong Primary School Mamong (non-ex) Mandu 795141
New Mandu Ps Mandu Mandu 795141
Maokot Primary School Maokot Oinamlong 795141
Muktakhal Ps Muktakhal Phaitol 795141
Chagoujei Svs Namtiram Azuram 795141
Namtiram Govt. High School Namtiram Azuram 795141
Namtiram Primary School Namtiram Azuram 795141
New Impah Aided Ps New Impah Inem 795141
New Magulong Svs New Magulong Inem 795141
New Mandu Aided Ps New Mandu Mandu 795141
Njungkok Ps Njungkok Aben 795141
Nungkao Jr. Hs Nungkao Oinamlong 795141
Nungkao Part Ii Ps Nungkao Oinamlong 795141
Oinamlong Govt. Jr Hs Oinamlong Oinamlong 795141
Oinamlong Part 4 Primary School Oinamlong Oinamlong 795141
Oinamlong Ps Oinamlong Oinamlong 795141