Schools in Santa Clara County County

List of all schools in Santa Clara County county, U.S.A. Click the school link to view all details of the schools.

School name Address Phone
Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Cupertino Union 21710 Mcclellan Rd, Cupertino 4082524798
Abraham Lincoln High, San Jose Unified 555 Dana Ave, San Jose 4085356300
Ace Charter, Santa Clara County Office Of Education 480 Mccreery Ave, San Jose 4087293920
Adair Community Day, Sunnyvale 819 West Iowa Ave, Sunnyvale 4085229230
Addison Elementary, Palo Alto Unified 650 Addison Ave, Palo Alto 6503225935
Adelante Dual Language Academy, Alum Rock Union Elementary 2999 Ridgemont Ave, San Jose 4089281900
Adrian Wilcox High, Santa Clara Unified 3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara 4084232400
Advent Community Day, Santa Clara County Office Of Education 1290 Ridder Park Dr, San Jose 4084536968
A. J. Dorsa Elementary, Alum Rock Union Elementary 1290 Bal Harbor Dr, San Jose 4089287400
Alexander Rose Elementary, Milpitas Unified 250 Roswell Dr, Milpitas 4086352668
Allen At Steinbeck, San Jose Unified 820 Steinbeck Dr, San Jose 4085356205
Almaden Elementary, San Jose Unified 1295 Dentwood Dr, San Jose 4085356207
Almond Elementary, Los Altos Elementary 550 Almond Ave, Los Altos 6509175400
Alta Vista Elementary, Union Elementary 200 Blossom Valley Rd, Los Gatos 4083566146
Alta Vista High, Mountain View-los Altos Union High 1325 Bryant Ave, Mountain View 6506912433
Alternative Placement Academy, Santa Clara County Office Of Education 420 Calero Ave, San Jose 4085733320
Anderson (alex) Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary 5800 Calpine Dr, San Jose 4082256556
Andrew P. Hill High, East Side Union High 3200 Senter Rd, San Jose 4083474100
Anne Darling Elementary, San Jose Unified 333 North 33rd St, San Jose 4085356209
Ann Sobrato High, Morgan Hill Unified 401 Burnett Ave, Morgan Hill 4082016200
Anthony P. Russo Academy, Alum Rock Union Elementary 2851 Gay Ave, San Jose 4089288900
Anthony Spangler Elementary, Milpitas Unified 140 North Abbott, Milpitas 4086352870
Antonio Del Buono Elementary, Gilroy Unified 9300 Wren Ave, Gilroy 4088485161
Apollo High, East Side Union High 3434 Silver Creek Rd, San Jose 4089285400
Ardis G. Egan Junior High, Los Altos Elementary 100 West Portola Ave, Los Altos 6509172200
Argonaut Elementary, Saratoga Union Elementary 13200 Shadow Mountain Rd, Saratoga 4088674773
August Boeger Middle, Mt. Pleasant Elementary 1944 Flint Ave, San Jose 4082233770
Bagby Elementary, Cambrian 1840 Harris Ave, San Jose 4083773882
Baldwin (julia) Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary 280 Martinvale Ln, San Jose 4082263370
Barrett Elementary, Morgan Hill Unified 895 Barrett Ave, Morgan Hill 4082016340
Barron Park Elementary, Palo Alto Unified 800 Barron Ave, Palo Alto 6508580508
Benjamin Bubb Elementary, Mountain View Whisman 525 Hans Ave, Mountain View 6505263480
Ben Painter Elementary, Alum Rock Union Elementary 500 Rough And Ready Rd, San Jose 4089288400
Bernal Intermediate, Oak Grove Elementary 6610 San Ignacio Ave, San Jose 4085785731
Berryessa Union Elementary, Berryessa Union Elementary 1376 Piedmont Rd, San Jose 4089231830
Bishop Elementary, Sunnyvale 450 North Sunnyvale Ave, Sunnyvale 4085228229
Blackford Elementary, Campbell Union 1970 Willow St, San Jose 4083644221
Blossom Hill Elementary, Los Gatos Union Elementary 16400 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos 4083352100
Blue Hills Elementary, Cupertino Union 12300 De Sanka Ave, Saratoga 4082579282
Booksin Elementary, San Jose Unified 1590 Dry Creek Rd, San Jose 4085356213
Bowers Elementary, Santa Clara Unified 2755 Barkley Ave, Santa Clara 4089850171
Boynton High, Campbell Union High 901 Boynton Ave, San Jose 4086263404
Bracher Elementary, Santa Clara Unified 2700 Chromite Dr, Santa Clara 4084231200
Braly Elementary, Santa Clara Unified 675 Gail Ave, Sunnyvale 4084231000
Branham High, Campbell Union High 1570 Branham Ln, San Jose 4086263407
Bret Harte Middle, San Jose Unified 7050 Bret Harte Dr, San Jose 4085356270
Briarwood Elementary, Santa Clara Unified 1930 Townsend Ave, Santa Clara 4085546202
Broadway High, San Jose Unified 4825 Speak Ln, San Jose 4085356285
Brooktree Elementary, Berryessa Union Elementary 1781 Olivetree Dr, San Jose 4089231910
Brownell Middle, Gilroy Unified 7800 Carmel St, Gilroy 4088473377