Schools in San Joaquin County County

List of all schools in San Joaquin County county, U.S.A. Click the school link to view all details of the schools.

School name Address Phone
Adams Elementary, Stockton Unified 6402 Inglewood Ave, Stockton 2099337155
Alexander Hamilton Elementary, Stockton Unified 2245 East 11th St, Stockton 2099337395
Ansel Adams, Lodi Unified 9275 Glacier Point Dr, Stockton 2099539601
Anthony C. Traina Elementary, Jefferson Elementary 4256 Windsong Dr, Tracy 2098392379
Art Freiler, Tracy Joint Unified 2421 West Lowell Ave, Tracy 2098315170
Aspire Benjamin Holt College Preparatory Academy, Lodi Unified 3201 East Morada Ln, Stockton 2099551477
Aspire Langston Hughes Academy, Stockton Unified 612 East Magnolia St, Stockton 5104345000
Aspire Port City Academy, Sbc - Aspire Public Schools 444 North American St, Stockton 5104345000
Aspire River Oaks Charter, Lodi Unified 1801 Pyrenees Ave, Stockton 2099568100
Aspire Rosa Parks Academy, Stockton Unified 1930 South D St, Stockton 2099445590
Aspire University Public, Lodi Unified 10038 North State Route 99, Stockton 2099315399
August Elementary, Stockton Unified 2101 Sutro Ave, Stockton 2099337160
August Knodt Elementary, Manteca Unified 3939 Ews Woods Blvd, Stockton 2099386200
Banta Elementary, Banta Elementary 22345 South El Rancho Rd, Tracy 2098350171
Bear Creek High, Lodi Unified 10555 Thornton Rd, Stockton 2099538234
Beckman Elementary, Lodi Unified 2201 Scarborough Dr, Lodi 2093317412
Bethany Elementary, Lammersville Elementary 570 Escuela Dr, Mountain House 2098367250
Brock Elliott Elementary, Manteca Unified 1110 Stonum Ln, Manteca 2098587260
Brookside, Lincoln Unified 2962 Brookside Rd, Stockton 2099538641
Calla High, Manteca Unified 130 South Austin Rd, Manteca 2098587230
Career & Technical High, San Joaquin County Office Of Education 2829 Transworld Dr, Stockton 2094685940
Central Elementary, Tracy Joint Unified 1370 Parker Ave, Tracy 2098303303
Cesar Chavez High, Stockton Unified 2929 Windflower Ln, Stockton 2099337480
Christa Mcauliffe Middle, Lodi Unified 3880 Iron Canyon Circle, Stockton 2099539432
Clairmont Elementary, Lodi Unified 8282 Lemans Ave, Stockton 2099538267
Claudia Landeen, Lincoln Unified 4128 Feather River Dr, Stockton 2099538660
Clements Elementary, Lodi Unified 19051 Hwy 88, Clements 2093317300
Cleveland Elementary, Stockton Unified 20 East Fulton St, Stockton 2099337165
Clyde W. Needham Elementary, Lodi Unified 420 South Pleasant Ave, Lodi 2093317375
Collegeville Elementary, Escalon Unified 6701 South Jack Tone Rd, Stockton 2099412007
Colonial Heights, Lincoln Unified 8135 Balboa Ave, Stockton 2099538783
Colony Oak Elementary, Ripon Unified 22241 South Murphy Rd, Ripon 2095997145
Commodore Stockton Skills, Stockton Unified 2725 Michigan Ave, Stockton 2099337415
Creekside Elementary, Lodi Unified 2515 Estate Dr, Stockton 2099538285
Davis Community Day, Lodi Unified 5224 East Morada Ln, Stockton 2099538301
Delta Charter, New Jerusalem Elementary 31400 South Koster Rd, Tracy 2098306363
Delta Island Elementary, Tracy Joint Unified 11022 West Howard Rd, Stockton 2098303306
Delta Sierra Middle, Lodi Unified 2255 Wagner Heights Rd, Stockton 2099538510
Dent Elementary, Escalon Unified 1998 Yosemite Ave, Escalon 2098387031
Discovery Charter, Tracy Joint Unified 51 East Beverly Place, Tracy 2098315240
District Special Education, Stockton Unified 445 West Weber Ave, Stockton 2099337120
Dolores Huerta Elementary, Stockton Unified 1644 South Lincoln, Stockton 2099337220
Don Riggio, Lincoln Unified 3110 Brookside Rd, Stockton 2099538753
Dr. Lewis Dolphin Stallworth Sr. Charter Schools,, Stockton Unified 1610 East Main St, Stockton 2099430353
Duncan-russell Continuation, Tracy Joint Unified 164 West Grantline Rd, Tracy 2098303357
Earle E. Williams Middle, Tracy Joint Unified 1600 Tennis Ln, Tracy 2098303345
East Union High, Manteca Unified 1700 North Union Rd, Manteca 2098253125
Edison High, Stockton Unified 1425 South Center St, Stockton 2099337425
Edward C. Merlo Institute Of Environmental Studies, Stockton Unified 1670 East Sixth St, Stockton 2099337190
El Dorado Elementary, Stockton Unified 1540 North Lincoln St, Stockton 2099337175