Schools in San Bernardino County County

List of all schools in San Bernardino County county, U.S.A. Click the school link to view all details of the schools.

School name Address Phone
Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Colton Joint Unified 444 East Olive St, Colton 9098764176
Academy For Academic Excellence, Apple Valley Unified 17500 Mana Rd, Apple Valley 7609465414
Academy Of Careers & Exploration, Helendale Elementary 15350 Riverview Rd, Helendale 7609522396
Academy Of Performing Arts And Foreign Language, Victor Elementary 14907 South Mojave Dr, Victorville 7602457961
Adelanto Charter Academy, Adelanto Elementary 17537 Montezuma, Adelanto 7606696485
Adelanto Elementary, Adelanto Elementary 17931 Jonathan St, Adelanto 7602465892
Alder Middle, Fontana Unified 7555 Alder Ave, Fontana 9093575330
Alice Birney Elementary, Colton Joint Unified 1050 East Olive St, Colton 9098764206
Alicia Cortez Elementary, Chino Valley Unified 12750 Carissa Ave, Chino 9096279438
Almeria Middle, Fontana Unified 7723 Almeria Ave, Fontana 9093575350
Almond Elementary, Fontana Unified 8172 Almond Ave, Fontana 9093575130
Alta Loma Elementary, Alta Loma Elementary 7085 Amethyst St, Alta Loma 9094845000
Alta Loma High, Chaffey Joint Union High 8880 Baseline Rd, Alta Loma 9099895511
Alta Loma Junior High, Alta Loma Elementary 9000 Lemon Ave, Alta Loma 9094845100
Alta Vista Public, Adelanto Elementary 11988 Hesperia Rd, Hesperia 7609470006
Alternative Learning Center, San Bernardino City Unified 3232 East Pacific St, Highland 9093886221
Anderson, San Bernardino City Unified 24302 East Fourth St, San Bernardino 9093886311
Anna A. Borba Fundamental Elementary, Chino Valley Unified 4980 Riverside Dr, Chino 9096279638
Apple Valley Alternative Educational Center, Apple Valley Unified 13063 Pawnee Rd, Apple Valley 7602404252
Apple Valley High, Apple Valley Unified 11837 Navajo Rd, Apple Valley 7602477206
Apple Valley Middle, Apple Valley Unified 12555 Navajo Rd, Apple Valley 7602477267
Arrowhead Elementary, San Bernardino City Unified 3825 Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino 9098818100
Arrowview Middle, San Bernardino City Unified 2299 North G St, San Bernardino 9098818109
Arroyo Elementary, Ontario-montclair Elementary 1700 East Seventh St, Ontario 9099851012
Arroyo Valley High, San Bernardino City Unified 1881 West Baseline St, San Bernardino 9093814295
Arroyo Verde Elementary, Redlands Unified 7701 Church St, Highland 9093075590
Asa Charter, San Bernardino City Unified 3512 North East St, San Bernardino 9093881255
Baker Elementary, Baker Valley Unified 72100 School House Ln, Baker 7607334567
Baldwin Lane Elementary, Bear Valley Unified 44500 Baldwin Ln, Big Bear City 9095857766
Baldy Mesa Elementary, Snowline Joint Unified 10376 Baldy Mesa Rd, Phelan 7609491232
Baldy View Elementary, Upland Unified 979 West 11th St, Upland 9099822564
Baldy View Rop, Baldy View Rop 8265 Aspen Ave, Rancho Cucamonga 9099806490
Banyan Elementary, Alta Loma Elementary 10900 Mirador Dr, Alta Loma 9094845080
Barstow High, Barstow Unified 430 South First Ave, Barstow 7602556105
Barstow Intermediate, Barstow Unified 500 Ave G, Barstow 7602556300
Barstow Junior High, Barstow Unified 1000 Armory Rd, Barstow 7602556204
Barton Elementary, San Bernardino City Unified 2214 Pumalo St, San Bernardino 9093886534
Bear Gulch Elementary, Central Elementary 8355 Bear Gulch Place, Rancho Cucamonga 9099899396
Beattie Middle, Redlands Unified 7800 Orange St, Highland 9093072400
Beech Avenue Elementary, Fontana Unified 9206 Beech Ave, Fontana 9093575060
Belvedere Elementary, San Bernardino City Unified 2501 East Marshall Blvd, Highland 9098627111
Bemis Elementary, Rialto Unified 774 East Etiwanda Ave, Rialto 9098207916
Berlyn Elementary, Ontario-montclair Elementary 1320 North Berlyn Ave, Ontario 9099868995
Big Bear Elementary, Bear Valley Unified 409040 Pennsylvania, Big Bear Lake 9098664638
Big Bear High, Bear Valley Unified 351 Maple Ln, Big Bear City 9095856892
Big Bear Middle, Bear Valley Unified 41275 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake 9098664634
Bing Wong Elementary, San Bernardino City Unified 1250 East Ninth St, San Bernardino 9093811164
Birch High (continuation), Fontana Unified 7930 Locust Ave, Fontana 9093575310
Bloomington High, Colton Joint Unified 10750 Laurel Ave, Bloomington 9095805004
Bloomington Middle, Colton Joint Unified 18829 Orange St, Bloomington 9098764101