Schools in Miami-dade County County

List of all schools in Miami-dade County county, U.S.A. Click the school link to view all details of the schools.

School name Address Phone
Abe Grant, Dade 1450 Ne 2nd Ave, Miami 3059951870
Academir Charter School West, Dade 4300 North Univeristy Dr, Miami 9544145767
Academy For Advanced Academics, Dade 11200 Sw 8th St, Miami 3053487041
Academy For Community Education (ace), Dade 39 Zamora Ave, Miami 3054602946
Academy Of Arts & Minds, Dade 3138 Commodore Plaza, Miami 3054481100
Ada Merritt K-8 Center, Dade 660 Sw 3rd St, Miami 3053260791
Advanced Learning Charter School, Dade 5855 Nw 171 St, Miami 3052310403
Air Base Elementary School, Dade 12829 Sw 272nd St, Homestead 3052583676
Allapattah Middle School, Dade 1331 Nw 46th St, Miami 3056349787
Alonzo And Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay, Dade 2601 Ne 151 St, Miami 3059192000
Alpha Charter Academy High School Of Hialeah, Dade 1851 Palm Ave, Hialeah 3059951430
Alpha Charter Academy High School Of Little Havana, Dade 1223 Sw Fourth St, Hialeah 3059951430
Alternative Outreach-ext. Year, Dade 5120 Nw 24 Ave, Miami 3056366160
Amelia Earhart Elementary School, Dade 5987 East 7th Ave, Hialeah 3056889619
American Senior High Adult Education, Dade 18350 Nw 67th Ave, Hialeah 3055573770
Andover Middle School, Dade 121 Ne 207th St, Miami 3056542727
Archcreek Elementary School, Dade 700 Ne 137 St, Miami 3058924000
Archimedean Academy, Dade 12425 Sw 72nd St, Miami 3052796572
Archimedean Middle Conservatory, Dade 12425 Sw 72 St, Miami 3052796572
Arcola Lake Elementary School, Dade 1037 Nw 81st St, Miami 3058362820
Arvida Middle School, Dade 10900 Sw 127th Ave, Miami 3053857144
Aspira Eugenio Maria De Hostos Youth Leadership Ch, Dade One Ne 19 St, Miami 3055761512
Aspira South Youth Leadership Charter School, Dade 1411214114 Sw 288th St, Homestead 3052461111
Aspira Youth Leadership School, Dade 13300 Memorial Hwy, North Miami 3058938050
Auburndale Elementary School, Dade 3255 Sw 6th St, Miami 3054453587
Aventura City Of Excellence School, Dade 3333 Ne 188th St, Aventura 3054661499
Aventura Waterways K-8 Center, Dade 21101 Ne 26th Ave, Miami 3059335200
Avocado Elementary School, Dade 16969 Sw 294th St, Homestead 3052474942
Balere Language Academy, Dade 10875 Quail Roost Dr, Miami 3052329797
Banyan Elementary School, Dade 3060 Sw 85th Ave, Miami 3052214011
Barbara Goleman Adult School, Dade 14100 Nw 89th Ave, Miami Lakes 3053620676
Barbara Hawkins Elementary School, Dade 19010 Nw 37th Ave, Miami 3056242615
Bay Point Private, Dade 25005 Sw 133 Ave, Miami 3056366147
Bel-aire Elementary School, Dade 10205 Sw 194th St, Miami 3052335401
Ben Gamla Charter School South Campus, Dade 6625 Bird Rd, Miami 3059951430
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Dade 13100 Nw 12th Ave, North Miami 3056813547
Ben Sheppard Elementary School, Dade 5700 West 24th Ave, Hialeah 3055562204
Bent Tree Elementary School, Dade 4861 Sw 140th Ave, Miami 3052210461
Biscayne Elementary School, Dade 800 77th St, Miami Beach 3058687727
Biscayne Gardens Elementary, Dade 560 Nw 151st St, Miami 3056815721
Blue Lakes Elementary School, Dade 9250 Sw 52nd Terrace, Miami 3052717411
Bob Graham Education Center, Dade 15901 Nw 79th Ave, Miami Lakes 3055573303
Booker T. Washington Senior High, Dade 1200 Nw 6th Ave, Miami 3053248900
Boystown, Dade 9525 Sterling Dr, Cutler Bay 3056366147
Brentwood Elementary School, Dade 3101 Nw 191st St, Miami Gardens 3056242657
Broadmoor Elementary School, Dade 3401 Nw 83rd St, Miami 3056910861
Brownsville Middle School, Dade 4899 Nw 24th Ave, Miami 3056331481
Bunche Park Elementary School, Dade 16001 Bunche Park Dr, Miami Gardens 3056211469
Calusa Elementary School, Dade 9580 West Calusa Club Dr, Miami 3053850589
Campbell Drive Elementary School, Dade 15790 Sw 307th St, Homestead 3052450270