Schools in Kern County County

List of all schools in Kern County county, U.S.A. Click the school link to view all details of the schools.

School name Address Phone
Abraham Lincoln Alternative, Southern Kern Unified 3056 Glendower St, Rosamond 6612565090
Albany Park Elementary, Delano Union Elementary 235 West 20th Ave, Delano 6617215020
Alicante Avenue Elementary, Lamont Elementary 7998 Alicante Ave, Lamont 6618451452
Almondale Elementary, Rosedale Union Elementary 10510 Chippewa St, Bakersfield 6615886060
Almond Tree Middle, Delano Union Elementary 200 West 15th Ave, Delano 6617213641
American Elementary, Rosedale Union Elementary 800 Verdugo, Bakersfield 6615872277
A. M. Thomas Middle, Lost Hills Union Elementary 20979 Lobos Ct., Lost Hills 6617972626
Amy B. Seibert Elementary, Panama-buena Vista Union 2800 Agate St, Bakersfield 6618324141
Arvin High, Kern Union High 900 Varsity Rd, Arvin 6618545561
Bakersfield High, Kern Union High 1241 G St, Bakersfield 6613249841
Beardsley Elementary, Beardsley Elementary 1001 Roberts Ln, Bakersfield 6613921417
Bear Mountain Elementary, Arvin Union Elementary 1501 Hood St, Arvin 6618546590
Belridge Elementary, Belridge Elementary 19447 Wagon Wheel Rd, Mckittrick 6617627381
Berkshire Elementary, Panama-buena Vista Union 3900 Berkshire Rd, Bakersfield 6618349472
Bessie E. Owens Intermediate, Bakersfield City 815 Eureka St, Bakersfield 6616315950
Bessie E. Owens Primary, Bakersfield City 815 Potomac Ave, Bakersfield 6616315420
Bill L. Williams Elementary, Panama-buena Vista Union 5601 Harris Rd, Bakersfield 6618378070
Blake Elementary, Blake Elementary 19165 Main St, Woody 6615368559
Boron Junior-senior High, Muroc Joint Unified 26831 Prospect St, Boron 7607625121
Browning Road Elementary, Mcfarland Unified 410 East Perkins, Mcfarland 6617922113
Buena Vista Elementary, Panama-buena Vista Union 6547 Buena Vista Rd, Bakersfield 6618310818
Buena Vista High (continuation), Taft Union High 900 North 10th St, Taft 6617632383
Burroughs High, Sierra Sands Unified 500 East French St, Ridgecrest 7603754476
Buttonwillow Elementary, Buttonwillow Union Elementary 42600 Hwy 58, Buttonwillow 6617645248
Caliente Elementary, Caliente Union Elementary 27500 Caliente Bodfish Rd, Caliente 6618672302
California City High, Mojave Unified 8567 Bolden Ave, California City 7603735263
California City Middle, Mojave Unified 9736 Redwood Blvd, California City 7603733241
Caroline Harris Elementary, Bakersfield City 4110 Garnsey Ln, Bakersfield 6616315310
Casa Loma Elementary, Bakersfield City 525 East Casa Loma Dr, Bakersfield 6616315200
Cecil Avenue Middle, Delano Union Elementary 1430 Cecil Ave, Delano 6617215030
Centennial Elementary, Rosedale Union Elementary 15200 Westdale Dr, Bakersfield 6615886020
Centennial High, Kern Union High 8601 Hageman Rd, Bakersfield 6615888601
Central Valley High (continuation), Kern Union High 526 Mannel Ave, Shafter 6617464281
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary, Bakersfield City 4201 Mesa Marin Dr, Bakersfield 6616315870
Cesar E. Chavez High, Delano Joint Union High 800 Browning Rd, Delano 6617204501
Charles H. Castle Elementary, Panama-buena Vista Union 6001 Edgemont Dr, Bakersfield 6618345311
Chipman Junior High, Bakersfield City 2905 Eissler St, Bakersfield 6616315210
Christa Mcauliffe Elementary, Panama-buena Vista Union 8900 Westwold Dr, Bakersfield 6616659471
College Heights Elementary, Bakersfield City 2551 Sunny Ln, Bakersfield 6616315220
Colonel Howard Nichols Elementary, Bakersfield City 3401 Renegade Ave, Bakersfield 6616315400
Columbia Elementary, Fruitvale Elementary 703 Mondavi Way, Bakersfield 6615883540
Compton Junior High, Bakersfield City 3211 Pico Ave, Bakersfield 6616315230
Conley Elementary, Taft City 623 Rose Ave, Taft 6617654117
Cummings Valley Elementary, Tehachapi Unified 24220 Bear Valley Rd Hc80, Tehachapi 6618222190
Curran Middle, Bakersfield City 1116 Lymric Way, Bakersfield 6616315240
Delano High, Delano Joint Union High 1331 Cecil Ave, Delano 6617204137
Del Rio Elementary, Rosedale Union Elementary 600 Hidalgo Dr, Bakersfield 6615886050
Del Vista Elementary, Delano Union Elementary 710 Quincy St, Delano 6617215040
Desert Junior-senior High, Muroc Joint Unified 1575 Payne Ave, Edwards 6612584411
Di Giorgio Elementary, Di Giorgio Elementary 19405 Buena Vista Blvd, Arvin 6618542604