Schools in Contra Costa County County

List of all schools in Contra Costa County county, U.S.A. Click the school link to view all details of the schools.

School name Address Phone
Acalanes Center For Independent Study, Acalanes Union High 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek 9252803980
Acalanes High, Acalanes Union High 1200 Pleasant Hill Rd, Lafayette 9252803970
Adams (j. Douglas) Middle, Brentwood Union Elementary 401 American Ave, Brentwood 9255136480
Adams Middle, West Contra Costa Unified 5000 Patterson Circle, Richmond 5102355464
Alamo Elementary, San Ramon Valley Unified 100 Wilson Rd, Alamo 9259380448
Alhambra Senior High, Martinez Unified 150 East St, Martinez 9253130440
Antioch Charter Academy, Antioch Unified 3325 Hacienda Way, Antioch 9257557311
Antioch Charter Academy Ii, Antioch Unified 1201 West 10th St, Antioch 9257551252
Antioch High, Antioch Unified 700 West 18th St, Antioch 9257065300
Antioch Middle, Antioch Unified 1500 D St, Antioch 9257065316
Ayers Elementary, Mt. Diablo Unified 5120 Myrtle Dr, Concord 9256827686
Bancroft Elementary, Mt. Diablo Unified 2200 Parish Dr, Walnut Creek 9259333405
Bayview Elementary, West Contra Costa Unified 3001 16th St, San Pablo 5102311401
Bel Air Elementary, Mt. Diablo Unified 663 Canal Rd, Bay Point 9254582606
Belshaw Elementary, Antioch Unified 2801 Roosevelt Ln, Antioch 9257064140
Bidwell Continuation High, Antioch Unified 800 Gary Ave, Antioch 9257065565
Black Diamond Middle, Antioch Unified 4730 Sterling Hill Dr, Antioch 9257665500
Bollinger Canyon Elementary, San Ramon Valley Unified 2300 Talavera Dr, San Ramon 9252423200
Brentwood Elementary, Brentwood Union Elementary 200 Griffith Ln, Brentwood 9255136360
Bridges, Antioch Unified 1023 West Second St, Antioch 9257548413
Briones (alternative), Martinez Unified 614 F St, Martinez 9252289232
Buena Vista Elementary, Walnut Creek Elementary 2355 San Juan Ave, Walnut Creek 9259446822
Burton Valley Elementary, Lafayette Elementary 561 Merriewood Dr, Lafayette 9259273550
California High, San Ramon Valley Unified 9870 Broadmoor Dr, San Ramon 9258033200
Cambridge Elementary, Mt. Diablo Unified 1135 Lacey Ln, Concord 9256864749
Camino Pablo Elementary, Moraga Elementary 1111 Camino Pablo, Moraga 9253764435
Campolindo High, Acalanes Union High 300 Moraga Rd, Moraga 9252803950
Canyon Elementary, Canyon Elementary 187 Pinehurst Rd, Canyon 9253764671
Carmen Dragon Elementary, Antioch Unified 4721 Vista Grande Dr, Antioch 9257764760
Carquinez Middle, John Swett Unified 1099 Pomona St, Crockett 5107871081
Castro Elementary, West Contra Costa Unified 7125 Donal Ave, El Cerrito 5102346200
Central County Special Education Programs, Contra Costa County Office Of Education 2964 Miranda Ave, Alamo 9258376007
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary, West Contra Costa Unified 960 17th St, Richmond 5104125081
Charlotte Wood Middle, San Ramon Valley Unified 600 El Capitan Dr, Danville 9255525600
Clayton Valley High, Mt. Diablo Unified 1101 Alberta Way, Concord 9256827474
College Park High, Mt. Diablo Unified 201 Viking Dr, Pleasant Hill 9256827670
Collins Elementary, West Contra Costa Unified 1224 Pinole Valley Rd, Pinole 5107243086
Concord High, Mt. Diablo Unified 4200 Concord Blvd, Concord 9256872030
Contra Costa County Rop, Contra Costa County Rop 77 Santa Barbara Rd, Pleasant Hill 9259423368
Coronado Elementary, West Contra Costa Unified 2001 Virginia Ave, Richmond 5102311419
Country Club Elementary, San Ramon Valley Unified 7534 Blue Fox Way, San Ramon 9258037430
Coyote Creek Elementary, San Ramon Valley Unified 8700 North Gale Ridge Rd, San Ramon 9257351183
Creekside Elementary, San Ramon Valley Unified 6011 Massara St, Danville 9253142000
Crespi Junior High, West Contra Costa Unified 1121 Allview Ave, El Sobrante 5102238611
Crossroads High (continuation), Mt. Diablo Unified 2701 Willow Pass, Concord 9256896852
Dallas Ranch Middle, Antioch Unified 1401 Mt. Hamilton Dr, Antioch 9257064491
De Anza Senior High, West Contra Costa Unified 5000 Valley View Rd, Richmond 5102233811
Deer Valley High, Antioch Unified 4700 Lone Tree Way, Antioch 9257765555
Del Amigo High (continuation), San Ramon Valley Unified 189 Del Amigo Rd, Danville 9255525571
Del Rey Elementary, Orinda Union Elementary 25 El Camino Moraga, Orinda 9252583099