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Rouge Bouillon School

Rouge Bouillon School, is located at Brighton Road, St Helier, Jersey

Name of the School: Rouge Bouillon School
Type: Offshore Schools
Status: Open
Head: Mrs W Hurford
Phone Number: 1534705705

Address: Brighton Road, St Helier, Jersey
Zip Code: JE2 3YN
Contact Number: 1534705705

Offshore Schools named as Rouge Bouillon School is located in Jersey Offshore Establishments, in United Kingdom and current status is Open.


Address: Brighton Road, St Helier, Jersey
Postal Zip Code: JE2 3YN
County : Jersey Offshore Establishments
GOR: Not Applicable
Ward: Channel Islands
Consituency: Channel Islands

Rouge Bouillon School School Information

Phase: Not applicable
Boarders: No Boarders
Gender: Mixed

Please Note: Updated on 05/08/2016. Contact School or visit Rouge Bouillon School website for updated information.