West-Sikkim, 737112 Schools List

Schools list located in West-Sikkim, 737112, in the district in the state of Sikkim

School name Village Block
Begha Jhs School Begha Dentam
Middle Begha Ps School Begha Dentam
Sun Rise Academy School Begha Dentam
Bongten Ss School Bongten Dentam
Changey Ps School Changey Dentam
Mount Kanchan Academy School Dentam Dentam
Roshan Memorial Academy School Dentam Dentam
Dentam Tar Ps School Dentamtar Dentam
Gitang Ps School Gitang Dentam
L Sapong Ps School L. Sapong Dentam
Lidung Ps School Lidung Dentam
Milling Jhs School Milling Dentam
Mukrung Ss School Mukrung Dentam
Sapong Ps School Sapong Dentam
Sombusty Ps School Sombusty Dentam