South-Sikkim, 737139 Schools List

Schools list located in South-Sikkim, 737139, in the district in the state of Sikkim

School name Village Block
Anithang Lps School Anithang Ravangla
Bakkhim Ps School Bakkhim Ravangla
Barfung Ps School Barfung Ravangla
Generation Next Academy School Barfung Ravangla
Ben Ss School Ben Temi
Ben Namphrik Lps School Ben Namphrik Temi
Ben Kabey Jhs School Benkabey Temi
Berfung Doling Gumpa School Berfung Ravangla
Borrong Dhargoan Lps School Borong Dhargaon Ravangla
Borong Suntalay Lps School Borrong Ravangla
Borrong Ss School Borrong Ravangla
Chittray Ps School Chittray Ravangla
Dalep Kewzing Jhs School Dalep Kewzing Ravangla
Deythang Jhs School Deythang Busty Ravangla
Dojak Jhs School Dojak Busty Ravangla
Gangla Ps School Gangla Ravangla
Genchung Ps School Genchung Temi
Jarrong Ss School Jarrong Ravangla
Bhon Gompa Kewzing School Kewzing Ravangla
Holy Faith English Kewzing Ravangla
Kewzing Gompa School Kewzing Ravangla
Kewzing Sss School Kewzing Ravangla
Kewzing Tea Garden Ps School Kewzing Ravangla
Mangbroo Gompa School Kewzing Ravangla
J.n.v.ravangla School Kewzing Tea Garden Ravangla
Legship Dhargaon Lps School Legship Hingdam Ravangla
Legship Hingdam Jhs School Legship Hingdam Ravangla
Lingding Ps School Lingding Ravangla
St' Paul's Academy School Lingee Yangang
Lingyoung Jhs School Lingyong Sikkip
Lingzoo Ps School Lingzoo Ravangla
Lower Borrong Lps School Lower Borrong Ravangla
Lower Jarrong Ps School Lower Jarrong Ravangla
Lower Rayong Jhs School Lower Rayong Ravangla
Mangbrue Ps School Mangbrue Sikkip
Mangerdalam Lps School Mangerdalam Ravangla
Menglee Jhs School Manglee Yangang
Maypong Ps School Maypong Ravangla
Middle Rayoung Lps School Middle Rayoung Ravangla
Namlung Jhs School Namlung Ravangla
St.thomas Namlung Ravangla
Neh Broom Ss School Neh Broom Yangang
Rankey Ps School Ninggang Ravangla
Paksom Jhs School Paksom Ravangla
Phamtam Makerjong Lps School Phamtam Ravangla
Ralang Karma Raptenling Gumpa School Ralang Ravangla
Pema Samphel Academy School Ralong Ravangla
Ralong Ss School Ralong Ravangla
Ralong Lungsing Ps School Ralong Lungsing Ravangla
C.s.t. Ravangla School Ravangla Ravangla