Saiha, 796911 Schools List

Schools list located in Saiha, 796911, in the district in the state of Mizoram

School name Village Block
Ahmypi P/s Ahmypi Tuipang
Khalai Memorial M/s Ahmypi Tuipang
Bymari M/s Bymari Tuipang
Bymari P/s Bymari Tuipang
Chakhei M/s Chakhang Tuipang
Chakhei P/s Upgraded Ups Chakhang Tuipang
Chakhei Ps Ii Chakhang Tuipang
Mt.mawma English School Ms Chakhang Tuipang
Chakheitlah Ps Upgraded Ups Chakheitlah Tuipang
Chapi - I Ps Upgraded To Ups Chapi-i Tuipang
Chapi-i Ps-ii Chapi-i Tuipang
Chapi - Ii Ps(chapi Khithieh) Chapi-ii Tuipang
Chheihlu Egs Upgraded Ups Chheihlu Tuipang
Chheihlu M/s Chheihlu Tuipang
Chheihlu P/s-i Chheihlu Tuipang Kaisih Tuipang
Kiasi M/s Kaisih Tuipang
Kiasi P/s Kaisih Tuipang
Khopai Egs Upgraded Ps Khopai Tuipang
Khopai M/s Khopai Tuipang
Khopai P/s Khopai Tuipang
Border H/s Laki Tuipang
Laki M/s Laki Tuipang
Laki P/s-1 Laki Tuipang
Laki Ps -ii Upgraded To Ups Laki Tuipang
Laty M/s Laty Tuipang
Laty P/s Laty Tuipang
Lodawh Ps Upgraded Ups Lodawh Tuipang
Lomasu Ps Upgraded Ups Lomasu Tuipang
Lopu M/s Lopu Tuipang
Lopu Ps- I Lopu Tuipang
Lopu Ps- Ii Lopu Tuipang
Lopu Ps- Iii Lopu Tuipang
Congregational English Academy Lorrain Villes Tuipang
Lorrain Vile Ps Upgraded Ups Lorrain Villes Tuipang
Loto Vaih P/s Loto Vaih Tuipang
Loto Vaih Upraded Ups Loto Vaih Tuipang
Maisa Ps Upgraded Ups Maisa Tuipang
Mawhro Egs Upgraded Ps Mawhro Tuipang
Mawhro M/s Mawhro Tuipang
Mawhro P/s Mawhro Tuipang
Miepu Ps Upgraded Ups Miepu Tuipang
Miepu Ps-ii Miepu Tuipang
N.saikao Ps Upgraded Ups N.serkawr Tuipang
New Laty M/s New Laty Tuipang
New Laty P/s-i New Laty Tuipang
New Laty P/s-ii New Laty Tuipang
Pala Egs Upgraded Ps Pala(lawngban) Tuipang
Pala M/s Pala(lawngban) Tuipang
Pala P/s Pala(lawngban) Tuipang