North-Sikkim, 737116 Schools List

Schools list located in North-Sikkim, 737116, in the district in the state of Sikkim

School name Village Block
Tholong Monastic Ps School Bay Tholung Gumpa Passingdong
Hee-ravong Ps School Bring Ravong Passingdong
Gnon Ps School Gnon Passingdong
Hee Gyathang Sss School Heegyathang Passingdong
Hee Gyathang Tashi C Mon Ps School Heegyathang Passingdong
Mount Pandim Prestine Academy School Heegyathang Passingdong
Tingbong Tarling Mon Ps School Kusoong Passingdong
Lingdong Ss School L. Lingdong Passingdong
Laven Ps School Laven Passingdong
Lingdem Ps School Lingdem Passingdong
Lingkoo Ps School Lingkoo Passingdong
Lingthem C Dargayling Mon Ps School Lingthen T. Gumpa Passingdong
Lingthem Ups School Lingthen T. Gumpa Passingdong
Chawang Ps School Lower Chawang Kabi
Lower Mangshilla Ps School Lower Mangshilla Mangan
Thibuk Ups School Lower Mangshilla Mangan
Ringhim Mon Ps School Mangan Forest Block Mangan
Manzing Ps School Manzing Passingdong
Men Rongong Ps School Menronrong Kabi
Meyong Ps School Meyong Mangan
Molom Ps School Molom Kabi
Manul Ss School Naga Namgor Mangan
Naday Ps School Naga Namgor Mangan
Naga Jhs School Naga Namgor Mangan
Naga Monastic Ps School Naga Namgor Mangan
Voong Ps School Naga Namgor Mangan
Kid Foundation English Namok Mangan
Namok Jhs School Namok Mangan
Nampatam Ps School Nampatam Mangan
Namprick Ups School Namprik Passingdong
Pakshep Ups School Pakshep Mangan
4th Mile Ps School Passangdong Passingdong
Mayal Lyang Academy School Passangdong Passingdong
Passingdang Ss School Passangdong Passingdong
Pentong Ps School Pentong Passingdong
Phamtam Jhs School Phamtam Kabi
Rarick Ps School Rarik Kabi
Ringhim Ups School Ringhem Mangan
Salim Pakal Ups School Salim Pakyal Passingdong
Gnon Samdong Ups School Sangdong Passingdong
Sankalang Ps School Sangkalang Mantam Passingdong
Phensong Ss School Sardong Kabi
Singhik Mps School Sentam Mangan
Singhik Ss School Sentam Mangan
Singchit Nadak Mon. Ps School Sinchit Mangan
Zenith Public Sinchit Mangan
Little Flower Nursery Singhik Mangan
Malling Ps School Singhik Mangan
Mangan Sss School Singhik Mangan
North Sikkim Academy School Singhik Mangan