Nicobars, 744303 Schools List

Schools list located in Nicobars, 744303, in the district in the state of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

School name Village Block
Gps Alloorong School Aloorong Nancowry
Gss Bengali School Bengali Nancowry
Gsss Champin School Champin Nancowry
Gps Changhua School Changhua Nancowry
Gps Chhota Enaka School Chhota Enaka Nancowry
Gps Chukmachi School Chukmachi Nancowry
Gps Dering School Dering Nancowry
Gps Enam School Enam Nancowry
Gps Hitui School Hitui Nancowry
Gms Kakana School Kakana Nancowry
Gps Kalasi School Kalasi Nancowry
Gmss Kamorta School Kamorta Nancowry
Gmsss Goal Tekry School Kamorta Nancowry
Gps Bada Enaka School Kamorta Nancowry
Ps Naval Primary School Kamorta Nancowry
Gms Kuitashuk School Kuitashuk Nancowry
Gms Minyuk School Minyuk Nancowry
Gps Munak School Munak Nancowry
Gms Pilpillow School Pilpillow Nancowry
Gps Tapong School Tapong Nancowry
Gms Vikas Nagar School Vikas Nagar Nancowry