Lunglei, 796751 Schools List

Schools list located in Lunglei, 796751, in the district in the state of Mizoram

School name Village Block
Chawilung Vengthar P/s Chawilung Tlabung
Bcm P/s Ugudasuri Diblibagh Tlabung
Belvachhuah P/s Diblibagh Tlabung
Diblibagh M/s Diblibagh Tlabung
Diblibagh P/s Diblibagh Tlabung
New Range Eng. School Diblibagh Tlabung
Sazekchhuah P/s Diblibagh Tlabung
Sukurbasora P/s Diblibagh Tlabung
Sukurbasora Ups Diblibagh Tlabung
Synod Pvt. P/s, Diblibagh Diblibagh Tlabung
Ugudasuri P/s Diblibagh Tlabung
Ugudasuri Ups Diblibagh Tlabung
Bandiasora P/s Hmundo Tlabung
Hmundo M/s Hmundo Tlabung
Hmundo P/s Hmundo Tlabung
Nakuksora P/s Hmundo Tlabung
Saisen P/s Hmundo Tlabung
Syno Home Mission P/s Bandiasora Hmundo Tlabung
Baluksuri P/s Kalapani Tlabung
Gorosora P/s Kalapani Tlabung
H.k. Chakma Aided M/s Kalapani Tlabung
Kalapani P/s Kalapani Tlabung
Bornasuri P/s Khojoisuri Tlabung
Indira Mem. Aided M/s Khojoisuri Tlabung
Khojoisuri P/s Khojoisuri Tlabung
Khojoisuri Rmsa Secondary School Khojoisuri Tlabung
Khojoisurichhuah P/s Khojoisuri Tlabung
Lareiveng P/s Khojoisuri Tlabung
Letisuri P/s Khojoisuri Tlabung
Old Khojoisuri P/s Khojoisuri Tlabung
Lungmawi M/s Lungmawi Eastern
Devasora P/s Malsury Tlabung
Lokhisuri P/s Malsury Tlabung
Malsuri - I P/s Malsury Tlabung
Malsuri Ii P/s Malsury Tlabung
Malsuri M/s Malsury Tlabung
Malsury Ii Synod P/s Malsury Tlabung
Bcm Mauzam P/s Mauzam Tlabung
Mauzam P/s Mauzam Tlabung
Mauzam Ups Mauzam Tlabung
Baspatasora P/s Nunsuri Tlabung
Nunsuri M/s Nunsuri Tlabung
Nunsuri P/s - I Nunsuri Tlabung
Nunsuri P/s - Ii Nunsuri Tlabung
Nunsuri Rmsa Secondary School Nunsuri Tlabung
Serhuan P/s Nunsuri Tlabung
Sp Dewan P/s Nunsuri Tlabung
Chotabasti P/s Puankhai Tlabung
Dursuri P/s Puankhai Tlabung
Puankhai M/s Puankhai Tlabung