Lawngtlai, 796810 Schools List

Schools list located in Lawngtlai, 796810, in the district in the state of Mizoram

School name Village Block
Cheural Gospel Centenary High School Cheural Sangau
Cheural M/s Cheural Sangau
Cheural P/s-i Cheural Sangau
Cheural P/s-ii Cheural Sangau
B.e.s. Lungtian Lungtian Sangau
Lungtian Govt M/s Lungtian Sangau
Lungtian P/s-i Lungtian Sangau
Lungtian P/s-ii Lungtian Sangau
Modern Govt. High School, Lungtian Lungtian Sangau
Bethel Govt. High School, Pangkhua Pangkhua Sangau
Elite Childrens Academy Pangkhua Sangau
Rawlbuk P/s Rawlbuk Sangau
Rawlbuk P/s-ii Rawlbuk Sangau
Blue Mountain English School Sangau-i Sangau
Blue Mountain Government High School Sangau-i Sangau
Sangau-i P/s-i Sangau-i Sangau
Sangau-i P/s-ii Sangau-i Sangau
Vartek M/s Vartek Sangau
Vartek P/s Vartek Sangau