Lahul Spiti, 175140 Schools List

Schools list located in Lahul Spiti, 175140, in the district in the state of Himachal Pradesh

School name Village Block
Gps-gondhla Gondhla Keylong-i
Gps-yangla Gondhla Keylong-i
Gsss-gondhla Gondhla Keylong-i
Gps-labrang Jagdang Keylong-i
Gps-jagla Jagla Keylong-i
Gms-khangsar Khangsar Keylong-i
Gps-margaid Khangsar Keylong-i
Gps-bogcha Kharchod-yongma Keylong-i
Gps-sissu-ii Khawagling Keylong-i
Gsss-sissu Khawagling Keylong-i
Gps-khinang Khinang Keylong-i
Gps-shooling Khorpani Keylong-i
Gps Koksar Koksar Keylong-i
Gps-purad Purad Keylong-i
Gps-sakar Sakar Keylong-i
Gps-sissu-i Shashan Keylong-i
Gps-thangthang Shooling Keylong-i
Gps-surthang Surthang Keylong-i
Gps-thorang Thorang Keylong-i