Lahul Spiti, 172113 Schools List

Schools list located in Lahul Spiti, 172113, in the district in the state of Himachal Pradesh

School name Village Block
Ghs Dhankhar Dhankhar Kaza
Gps Dhankhar Dhankhar Kaza
Gps Kaley Kaley Kaza
Ghs Lalung Lalung Kaza
Gps Lalung Lalung Kaza
Gps Linghti Linghti Kaza
Gps Mane Gogma Mane Gogma Kaza
Gps Mane Yogma Mane Yogma Kaza
Gsss Mane Yogma Mane Yogma Kaza
Gps Nadang Nadang Kaza
Gms Poh Poh Kaza
Gps Poh Poh Kaza
Gps Pomrang Pomrang Kaza
Gps Rama Rama Kaza
Gps Dhankhar Gompa Sichling Kaza
Gps Sichling Sichling Kaza
Gps Siluk Siluk Kaza
Gps Tabo Tabo Kaza
Gps Tabo Gompa Tabo Kaza
Gsss Tabo Tabo Kaza
Serkong Public School Tabo Tabo Kaza