Deoghar, 814120 Schools List

Schools list located in Deoghar, 814120, in the district in the state of Jharkhand

School name Village Block
Upg. P.s. Alkui Alkuee Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Amagachhi Amagachhi Mohanpur
Ssa Nps Araji Amagachhi Amagachhi Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Arajisilwe Araji Silwe Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Arajitelbhanga Araji Telbhanga Mohanpur
Govt. Upg. M.s. Arjuna Arjuna Mohanpur
Govt. Upg. M.s. Baank Baank Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Mohlitola Baank Baank Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Pujhartola Baank Baank Mohanpur
Upg .p.s. Bahinga Bahinga Sonaraithari
Govt. Upg. M.s. Bandhukurumtanrh Bandhu Kurumtanr Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Banjhi Banjhi Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Bara Asahna Bara Asahana Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Baramasiya -1 Baramasiya Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Baratanr Baratanr Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Bariyodih Bariyodih Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Belatanr Belatanr Mohanpur
Upg .p.s. Berahajal Berahajal Sonaraithari
Upg. P.s. Bhandaro Bhandaro Mohanpur
Govt. Upg. M.s. Bhangiyapahari Bhangiya Pahari Mohanpur
Upg .p.s. Bhatkundih Bhatkundih Sonaraithari
Upg. P.s. Birajkurumtanr Biraj Kurumtanr Mohanpur
Govt. Upg. M.s. Chitarpoka Chitarpoka Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Chitarpoka Manjhi Tola Chitarpoka (manjhi Tola) Mohanpur
Govt. Upg. M.s. Deothar Deothar Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Dondiya Dondiya Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Dudhawajor Dudhawajor Mohanpur
Govt. Upg. M.s. Dumariya Dumariya Mohanpur
Abhyash Pathsala Ghormara Ghormara Mohanpur
Govt. M.s. Ghormara Ghormara Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Ghormara (kanya) Ghormara Mohanpur
H.s Ghormara Ghormara Mohanpur
S. S. Mandir Ghormara Ghormara Mohanpur
Govt. Upg. M.s. Ghongha Gogha Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Gorai Gorai Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Harodih Harodih Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Jamaro Jamaro Mohanpur
Upg. H.s. Jhalar Jhalar Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Kairi Kairi Mohanpur
Ssa Nps Kairi Nawadih Kairi Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Karijhank Karijhank Mohanpur
Govt M.s Karo Madhuban Karo Madhuban Sonaraithari
Govt Upg M.s. Kolhariya No - 2 Kulhariya N0- 2 Sonaraithari
Upg .p.s.yadav Kurumtanr Kurum Tanr Sonaraithari
Upg .p.s. Lapra Thari Lapra Thari Sonaraithari
Govt. Upg. M.s. Latasare Latasare Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Danripar (latasare) Latasare Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Madhopur Madhopur Mohanpur
Upg. P.s. Mandariya (bank) Mandariya Mohanpur
Govt. P.s. Mayurnach Mayurnach Mohanpur