Champhai, 796321 Schools List

Schools list located in Champhai, 796321, in the district in the state of Mizoram

School name Village Block
Govt. Buang M/s Buang Vanzau
Govt. Buang P/s Buang Vanzau
Govt. Bulfekzawl M/s Bulfekzawl Vanzau
Govt. Bulfekzawl P/s Bulfekzawl Vanzau
Bungzung Govt. High School Bungzung Vanzau
Govt. Dilkawn M/s Dilkawn Vanzau
Govt. Dilkawn P/s-i Dilkawn Vanzau
Govt. Dilkawn P/s-ii Dilkawn Vanzau
Dungtlang High School Dungtlang Vanzau
Farkawn Higher Secondary School Farkawn Vanzau
Govt. Farkawn P/s-i Farkawn Vanzau
Govt. Farkawn P/s-iii Farkawn Vanzau
Govt. Farkawn P/s-iv Farkawn Vanzau
Thanchhuma Memorial Govt. High Scho Farkawn Vanzau
Govt. Hruaikawn M/s Hruaikawn Vanzau
Govt. Hruaikawn P/s Hruaikawn Vanzau
Hruaikawn Rmsa Secondary School Hruaikawn Vanzau
Govt. Kelkang M/s Kelkang Vanzau
Govt. Kelkang P/s-i Kelkang Vanzau
Govt. Kelkang P/s-ii Kelkang Vanzau
Kelkang Govt High School Kelkang Vanzau
Lurhtlang High School, Khankawn Khankawn Vanzau
Bawihhluma Memorial Sch. Khawbung Vanzau
Khawbung Govt. High School Khawbung Vanzau
Khawbung Higher Secondary School Khawbung Vanzau
Evergreen Eng. Medium School Khuangleng Vanzau
Govt. K.m. M.s, Khuangleng Khuangleng Vanzau
Govt. Khuangleng M/s Khuangleng Vanzau
Govt. Khuangleng P/s Khuangleng Vanzau
Govt. Kmps, Khuangleng Khuangleng Vanzau
Khuangleng High School Khuangleng Vanzau
Govt. Khuangthing P/s-ii Khuangthing Vanzau
Khuangthing High School Khuangthing Vanzau
Govt. Leisenzo M/s Leisenzo Vanzau
Govt. Leisenzo P/s Leisenzo Vanzau
Oriental Govt. High School, Leisenz Leisenzo Vanzau
Pcs, Leisenzo Leisenzo Vanzau
Govt. Hrangthiaua M/s, Leithum Leithum Vanzau
Govt. Leithum P/s Leithum Vanzau
Leithum High School Leithum Vanzau
Govt. Lianpui M/s Lianpui Vanzau
Govt. Lianpui P/s Lianpui Vanzau
Lianpui High School Lianpui Vanzau
Govt. N.hruaikawn M/s N.hruaikawn Vanzau
Govt. N.hruaikawn P/s N.hruaikawn Vanzau
Ngopa Govt. High School Ngopa Ngopa
Samthang Govt. High School Samthang Vanzau
Govt. Sazep M/s Sazep Vanzau
Govt. Sazep P/s Sazep Vanzau
Sazep High School Sazep Vanzau