Champhai, 796310 Schools List

Schools list located in Champhai, 796310, in the district in the state of Mizoram

School name Village Block
Eastern Govt. High School, Biate Biate Khawzawl
Chhawrtui High School Chhawrtui Ngopa
Govt. Chhawrtui M/s Chhawrtui Ngopa
Govt. Chhawrtui P/s Chhawrtui Ngopa
Dulte High School Dulte Ngopa
Govt. Dulte M/s Dulte Ngopa
Govt. Dulte P/s Dulte Ngopa
Govt. Hermon M/s Hermon Khawzawl
Govt. Khawzawl P/s-vi Hermon Khawzawl
Govt. Hmuncheng P/s Hmuncheng Khawzawl
Govt. Hmuncheng Up/s Hmuncheng Khawzawl
Govt. Kawlkulh M/s-i Kawlkulh Ngopa
Govt. Kawlkulh M/s-ii Kawlkulh Ngopa
Govt. Kawlkulh P/s-i Kawlkulh Ngopa
Govt. Kawlkulh P/s-ii Kawlkulh Ngopa
Govt. Kawlkulh P/s-iii Kawlkulh Ngopa
Govt. Kawlkulh P/s-iv Kawlkulh Ngopa
Kawlkulh Govt. High School Kawlkulh Ngopa
Kawlkulh Higher Secondary School Kawlkulh Ngopa
Pes, Kawlkulh Kawlkulh Ngopa
St.joseph School, Kawlkulh Kawlkulh Ngopa
Tawitawkawn Upgraded P/s Kawlkulh Ngopa
Tawitawkawn Upgraded Up/s Kawlkulh Ngopa
Govt. Kawnzar M/s Kawnzar Khawzawl
Govt. Khawzawl P/s-v Kawnzar Khawzawl
Govt. Puilo M/s Puilo Ngopa
Govt. Puilo P/s Puilo Ngopa
Govt. Riangtlei M/s Riangtlei Khawzawl
Govt. Riangtlei P/s Riangtlei Khawzawl
Govt. Vanchengpui M/s Vanchengpui Ngopa
Govt. Vanchengpui P/s Vanchengpui Ngopa
Govt.vankal P/s Vankal Ngopa
Vankal Up/s Vankal Ngopa
Rullam P/s Rullam Lungpho