Boudh, 762017 Schools List

Schools list located in Boudh, 762017, in the district in the state of Orissa

School name Village Block
Ainachuan Ps School Ainlchuan Kantamal
Alikud Pps School Alikud Kantamal
Anuguba Ps School Anuguba Kantamal
Badachhapapali Ps School Badachhapapali Kantamal
Bandhapali Ps School Bandhapali Kantamal
Baradipadar Ugme School Baradipadar Kantamal
Baragaon Ugme School Baragaon Kantamal
Bariguva P.s School Bariguva Kantamal
Bhatagora P.u.p.s School Bhatagora Kantamal
Bhurkipada Ps School Bhurkipada Kantamal
Biramunda Ps School Biramunda Kantamal
Birasingpur P.u.p.s School Birasingpur Kantamal
Budhakhol Nps School Budhakhole Kantamal
Charbhati Pups School Charbhati Kantamal
Dhanakhandi Ps School Dhanakhandi Kantamal
Gochhangi Nups School Gochhangi Kantamal
Block Colony Ps School Godiajore Kantamal
Gadiajore Pps School Godiajore Kantamal
Kantamal High School Godiajore Kantamal
Kantamal Ugme School Godiajore Kantamal
Jhagudupali Ps School Jhagudupali Kantamal
Kakenjore Ps School Kakenjore Kantamal
Kalarakotha Ps School Kalarakotha Kantamal
Kamaghat School Kamaghat Kantamal
Kandhapali Nps School Kandhapali Kantamal
Kanikupa Ps School Kanikupa Kantamal
Kanisimili Pps School Kansemal Kantamal
Khaliamunda Ps School Khaliamunda Kantamal
Khaliapali No-3 U.g.high School Khaliapali Kantamal
Khalliapali No 1 Nups School Khaliapali(putaketa) Kantamal
Kumbhikheta N.p.s School Kumbhikheta Kantamal
Lendrimal P.u.p.s School Lendrimal Kantamal
Loisinga Ps School Loisinga Kantamal
Naden Pups School Londanpada Kantamal
Sanlundrubahal Pups School Lundrubahal Kantamal
Mahibila P.u.p.s School Mahibila Kantamal
Malapada Ps School Malapada Kantamal
Malikud P.u.p.s School Malikud Kantamal
Matakupa Nups School Matakupa Kantamal
Narayanprasad Ugme School Narayanprasad Kantamal
Nuamunda Pps School Nuamunda Kantamal
Padhel Pps School Padhel Kantamal
Putakheta P.u.p.s School Putaketa Kantamal
Rekdol Pups School Rekdole Kantamal
Ringapada Pups School Ringapada Kantamal
Sahajpita Pps School Sahajpita Kantamal
Sanaasur Ps School Sanaasur Kantamal
Sanatandamunda Pps School Sanatandamunda Kantamal
Sanchhapapali U.g. High School Sanchhapapali Kantamal
Sargipali Ps School Sargipali Kantamal