Boudh, 762015 Schools List

Schools list located in Boudh, 762015, in the district in the state of Orissa

School name Village Block
Ainlajhuli Pps School Ainlajhuli Boudh
Ainlapali Pups School Ainlapali Boudh
Amurda Pps School Amruda Boudh
Ankun Pps School Ankun Boudh
Babada Pups School Babada Boudh
Badadunguripali Ps School Badadunguripali Boudh
Badajharkata Ps School Badajharakata Boudh
Badikata Nodal Ups School Badikata Boudh
Bagadia Pups School Bagadia Boudh
Bahajore Ps School Bahajore Boudh
Gurujimunda Pps School Bahalpada Boudh
Bahira Ps School Bahira Boudh
Bahira Toup School Bahira Boudh
Panchayat Hs Bahira School Bahira Boudh
Purunabahira Pps School Bahira Boudh
Tentulipali Pups School Bahira Boudh
Baidyanathpur Pps School Baidyanathpur Boudh
Bailbeda Ps School Bailbeda Boudh
Banapali Ps School Banapali Boudh
Bandhapada Pps School Bandhapada Boudh
Barhapathar Ps School Barhapathar Boudh
Bastampur Pups School Bastampur Boudh
Bausuni Girls High School Baunsuni Boudh
Bausuni High School Baunsuni Boudh
Boudiasahi Pups School Baunsuni Boudh
Govt. Me Baunsuni School Baunsuni Boudh
Ideal Public School , Baunsuni School Baunsuni Boudh
Malipada Ps School Baunsuni Boudh
Baurijharkata Pups School Baurijharakata Boudh
Bhainamunda Ps School Bhainamunda Boudh
Bijamari Ps School Bijamari Boudh
Brahmani Pps School Brahmani Boudh
Budhibalanda Pups School Budhibalanda Boudh
Budhikan Pps School Budhikan Boudh
Aurobindh School Chaunriapadar Boudh
Chaunriapadar Pps School Chaunriapadar Boudh
Chhelibahal Pups School Chhelibahal Boudh
Dahya High School Dahya Boudh
Dahya Nodal Ups School Dahya Boudh
Dambarugarh Ps School Dambarugarh Boudh
Dangakhole Pps School Dangakhole Boudh
Dantapali Pps School Dantapali Boudh
Deobandha Pps School Deobandha Boudh
Dhanabalas Pups School Dhanabalas Boudh
Digi Pups School Digi Boudh
Dimirikhole Ps School Dimirikhole Boudh
Dimiripali Pups School Dimiripali Boudh
Gajrajpur Ps School Gajrajpur Boudh
Gobindpur Pps School Gobindpur Boudh
Gobindpur Pups School Gobindpur Boudh