Yoksam block, West-Sikkim Schools List

Schools list located in Yoksam, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
Tinziring Ps School Arithang Gerethang Ss 737111
Chumang Lps School Chumang Arithang Gerethang Ss 737111
Dhuppidara Ps School Dhupidara Karjee Jhs 737111
Gangyap Jhs School Gangyap Gangyap Jhs 737111
Marigold Nursery Gangyap Gangyap Jhs 737111
Gerethang Ss School Gerethang Gerethang Ss 737111
Mt. Pendam Academy School Gerethang Gerethang Ss 737111
Khechuperi Monastic Khechuperi Khechuperi Ss 737111
Kongri Ps School Kongri Gangyap Jhs 737111
L Chongrang Ps School L. Chongrang Gangyap Jhs 737111
Labdang English Labdang Karjee Jhs 737111
Labdang Jhs School Labdang Gangyap Jhs 737111
Labdang Monastic Labdang Gangyap Jhs 737111
Labing Ps School Labing Gerethang Ss 737111
Lower Mangnam Ps School Lower Mangnam Karjee Jhs 737111
Middle Chongrang Lps School M Chongrang Gangyap Jhs 737111
Upper Gerethang Jhs School M Gerethang Gerethang Ss 737111
Nambu Mangthang Ps School Nambu Mangthang Tashiding Sss 737111
Nambu Tareng Lps School Nambu Tareng Tashiding Sss 737111
Nerdang Lps School Nerdang Tashiding Sss 737111
Nessa Arithang Lps School Nessa Arithang Gangyap Jhs 737111
Pewthang Lps School Pewthang Tashiding Sss 737111
Middle Pokhari Ps School Pokhari Karjee Jhs 737111
Rangit Ps School Rangit Tashiding Sss 737111
Seenabong Lps School Seenabong Tashiding Sss 737111
Tamatam Ps School Tamatam Gerethang Ss 737111
New Horizon Academcy Tashiding School Tashiding Yuksam Ss 737111
Sinon Monastic Tashiding Tashiding Sss 737111
Tashiding English Tashiding Tashiding Sss 737111
Tashiding Monastic Tashiding Tashiding Sss 737111
Tashiding Sss School Tashiding Tashiding Sss 737111
Thingling - Ii Lps School Thingling - Ii Khechuperi Ss 737111
Himalayan Radiant Academy School Upper Lasso Tashiding Sss 737111
Thangchung Lps School Upper Lasso Tashiding Sss 737111
Upper Mangnam Lps School Upper Mangnam Karjee Jhs 737111
Life Vision Academy School Yuksam Yuksam Ss 737111
Boom Melli Ps School Boom Melli Melli Ss 737113
Chojo Lps School Chojo Khechuperi Ss 737113
Darapthang Ps School Darapthang Khechuperi Ss 737113
Khechuperi Ss School Khechuperi Khechuperi Ss 737113
Lamathang Ps School Lamathang Khechuperi Ss 737113
Lethang Lps School Lethang Gerethang Ss 737113
Mangsabong Lps School Mangsabong Yuksam Ss 737113
Mangtabong Lps School Mangtabong Yuksam Ss 737113
Melli Monastic Melli Melli Ss 737113
Melli Ss School Melli Melli Ss 737113
Simchen Lps School Simchen Khechuperi Ss 737113
I E C Mission Primary School Rimbi School Singlitam Melli Ss 737113
Singlitam Lps School Singlitam Melli Ss 737113
Tathang Lps School Tathang Melli Ss 737113