Wakching block, Mon Schools List

Schools list located in Wakching, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
Gms Upper Tiru School Upper Tiru Dummy 798602
Gms Chingphoi School Chingphoi Dummy 798621
Gms Naginimora - C School Naginimora Dummy 798621
Bethsaida School, Tanhai School Tanhai Dummy 798621
Gps Upper Namthai School Upper Namthai Dummy 798621
Ghs Wakching School Wakching Dummy 798621
Gps Wakching - A School Wakching Dummy 798621
Jnv School, Wakching School Wakching Dummy 798621
Gps Wanching - B School Wanching Dummy 798621
Gps Wanching Aokeangji School Wanching Aokeangji Dummy 798621
Gps Kongan - C School Kongan Dummy 798622
Gps N/mora 'c' School Naginimora Dummy 798622