Udaipur block, Lahul Spiti Schools List

Schools list located in Udaipur, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
Gps- Jholling-ii Jholling Thirot 175139
Gps- Thirot Thirot Thirot 175139
Gsss-thirot Thirot Gsss-triloknath 175139
Gms-adat Adat Gsss-triloknath 175142
Gps- Adat Adat Kishori 175142
Gps- Barour Barour Tindi 175142
Gms- Bhujund Bhujund Gsss -tindi 175142
Gps Bhujund Bhujund Tindi 175142
Gps-bhujund-ii Bhujund Tindi 175142
Gps Bihadi Bihadi Kishori 175142
Gms- Chhaling Chhaling Gsss-tingrit 175142
Gps- Lower-chhaling Chhaling Tingret 175142
Ghs Chimrat Chimret Gsss-tingrit 175142
Gps- Balgot Chimret Chimret 175142
Gps- Chimret Chimret Chimret 175142
Gps Chulling Chulling Kishori 175142
Gms-chakoli-ghari Ghari Gsss-tingrit 175142
Gps- Chakoli-ghari Ghari Chimret 175142
Gps- Kukumseri Haduka Kukumseri 175142
Gps- Shenoor Haduka Kishori 175142
Gps- Jholling-i Jholling Thirot 175142
Gps Kain Kain Tindi 175142
Gms- Karpat Karpat Gsss-tingrit 175142
Gps- Khanjar Khanjar Tingret 175142
Gps- Shukto Khanjar Tingret 175142
Gms- Kishori Kishori Gsss-triloknath 175142
Gps- Kishori Kishori Kishori 175142
Gps Kurchaid Kurchaid Salgran 175142
Gms-ahat Madgran Gsss-udaipur 175142
Gps- Ahat Madgran Udaipur 175142
Gps- Charu Madgran Udaipur 175142
Gps- Madgran Madgran Udaipur 175142
Gsss-madgran Madgran Gsss-udaipur 175142
Gps- Ratoli Ratoli Udaipur 175142
Ghs Salgran Salgran Gsss -tindi 175142
Gps Salgran Salgran Salgran 175142
Gps Salgran Dhar Salgran Salgran 175142
Gms-salpat Salpat Gsss-udaipur 175142
Gps- Salpat-i Salpat Udaipur 175142
Gps- Salpat-ii Salpat Udaipur 175142
Gps- Bardang Shakoli Hinsa 175142
Gps- Lower-shakoli Shakoli Kukumseri 175142
Gps- Nebun Shakoli Kukumseri 175142
Gps Upper-shakoli Shakoli Hinsa 175142
Gsss Shakoli Shakoli Gsss-triloknath 175142
Gps- Shakoli Shakoli (m) Chimret 175142
Gps- Sindwari Sindwari Thirot 175142
Gps- Tamlu Tamlu Chimret 175142
Gps Thanwani Thanwani Salgran 175142
Gps- Aghar Tindi Tindi 175142