Miao block, Changlang Schools List

Schools list located in Miao, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
Jawlai Public School Miao-town Miao 791200
Com.school,maithongpong School Maithongpong Miao 791212
Govt.m.e.school Gandhigram School Gandigram Vijaynagar 792005
Govt Pry School Buddhamandir School Buddhamandir Vijaynagar 792055
Egs Centre Daragaon School Daragaon Vijaynagar 792055
Govt. Pry School Dowadi School Dowadi Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.pry School Hazoloo School Hazoloo Vijaynagar 792055
Egs Centre L-gandhigram School L-gandhigram Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.pry School Mazagaon School Mazagaon Vijaynagar 792055
Govt. Pry School Miphoto School Miphote Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.pry School Phaper Bari School Phaper Bari Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.pry Ram-nagar School Ram-nagar Vijaynagar 792055
E.g.s. Sichote School Sichote Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.pry School Sidique School Sidique Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.upper Pry School Two-hut School Two-hut Vijaynagar 792055
Egs Centre U-gandhigram School U-gandhigram Vijaynagar 792055
Govt. Elem. Res. School Vijaynagar School Vijaynagar Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.sec. School Vijaynagar School Vijaynagar Vijaynagar 792055
Govt.m.e. School Balinong School Balinong Kharsang 792120
Com. School Empen Iii Mile School Empen Iii Mile Miao 792121
Com.school Neirong School Neirong Miao 792121
Govt Pry School New Plone School New Plone Kharsang 792121
Govt. Pry School,ningrang School Ningrang Miao 792121
Egs. Centre Anandpur-ii School Anandapur- Ii Miao 792122
Govt.pry School Anandpur- I School Anandpur-i Miao 792122
Egs Balinong Iti School Balinong It1 Miao 792122
Govt Pry School Brajpur School Brajpur Miao 792122
Egs. Centre Budhista(deban) School Buddhistha Miao 792122
Govt.middle .school Deban School Deban Miao 792122
Govt.pry.school Devpuri School Devpuri Miao 792122
Govt.middle School Dharampur-iii School Dharampur -iii Miao 792122
Govt.pry School Dharampur-i School Dharampur-i Miao 792122
Govt.pry School Dharampur-iii School Dharampur-i Miao 792122
Com.school. Dony-polo School Dony-polo (l0ngtom-ii) Kharsang 792122
Govt.m.e .school Empen School Empen Miao 792122
Govt. Pry School . Empen - Ii School Empen- Ii Miao 792122
Govt Pry School Golakpur School Golokpur Kharsang 792122
Govt. Middle School Injan School Injan Kharsang 792122
Govt.pry School Injan-ii (ksg) School Injan-ii Kharsang 792122
Govt.pry. School Jengpothar School Jeng-p0thar Kharsang 792122
Govt.pry School Jorong School Jorong Kharsang 792122
Govt.pry School Jotin Kaikhe School Jotin-kaikhe Kharsang 792122
Govt.upper Pry School Kaikhe Pothar School Kaikhe-pothar Kharsang 792122
Govt.pry School Kamalapuri School Kamklapuri Miao 792122
K.g.b. Vidhyalaya (n/kharsang) School Kgbv (near Kharsang) Kharsang 792122
Govt.pry School Khachang School Khachang Miao 792122
Govt.pry Khagam-mossang School Khagam-mossang Miao 792122
Govt.pry Kharsang Tinali School Kharsang Tinali Kharsang 792122
Govt. M.e. Kharsang School Kharsang-town Kharsang 792122
Govt.hr.sec.kharsang School Kharsang-town Kharsang 792122