Machi block, Chandel Schools List

Schools list located in Machi, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
Morning Dew School Khangshim Khangshim 795103
Maolhang P/s Maolhang Langol 795103
Konaitong P/s Konaitong Khangshim 795125
Nungtak P/s Nungtak Langol 795127
Parengtong Jr. H/s Parengtong Thamlai 795127
Bijang P/s Bijang Thamlai 795135
Bongli Jr H/s Bongli Thamlai 795135
Bongli Kuki P/s Bongmol Village Thamlai 795135
Chattong P/s Chattong Khangshim 795135
Chingjaroi P/s Chingjaroi (h) Langol 795135
Chingkhan Yonyer P/s Chingkhan Yonyer (h) Thamlai 795135
Gomi P/s Gomi Thamlai 795135
Haikot (aided) Lps Haikot Thamlai 795135
Mission Blind School Heikakpokpi (h) Langol 795135
Kangoi Kullen P/s Kangoi Khullen Langol 795135
Kangoi Khunou Lps(aided) Kangoi Khunou Langol 795135
Trinity H/s Kangsang Langol 795135
Yangmolching Kuki P/s Karyam Village Thamlai 795135
Khangshim P/s Khangshim Khangshim 795135
Khoibu Jr. High School Khoibu Thamlai 795135
Khudei Khuman P/s Khudei Khuman (h) Langol 795135
Khunbi P/s Khunbi Langol 795135
Khunbi Tuinem Jr. H/s Khunbi Tuinem Langol 795135
Tuisen P/s Khunbi Tuisen Langol 795135
Koijam P/s Koijam Khangshim 795135
Kuraopokpi(aided) L.p.s Kuraopokpi Khangshim 795135
L. Kangshang(aided) P/s L. Kangshang Khangshim 795135
Laiching Khuman Lps Aided Laiching Khuman Khangshim 795135
Laiching Minou P/s Laiching Minou Khangshim 795135
Lamlong Khullen H/s Lamlong Khullen Khangshim 795135
Kgbv Centre Langol Khullen Langol Langol 795135
Langol Ashram Schoolp/s Langol Langol 795135
Langol Jr. H/s Aided Langol Langol 795135
Langol P/s Langol Langol 795135
Langol Khunou Jr. H/s Langol Khunou Langol 795135
Leithou Aided L.p.s Leithou Langol 795135
Machi High School Machi Khangshim 795135
Mnba Jr. H/s Machi Khangshim 795135
St.anthony English School Machi Langol 795135
Phunchong P/s Phunchong Langol 795135
Samukom P/s Samukom Langol 795135
St. Joshep Hr. Sec. School Sidhartha Langol 795135
Simang (aided) P/s Simang Langol 795135
Tenkonbung P/s Tengkonbung (h) Langol 795135
Thabikeithel P/s Thabikeithel (h) Thamlai 795135
Thingkangkung P/s Thingkangkung Thamlai 795135
M.g Evergreen High School Tuisimi Langol 795135
Yamolching P/s Yamolching Thamlai 795135
Heinoukhong P/s Heinoukhong (h) Thamlai 795148
Karongthel P/s Karongthel Khangshim 795148