Kamjong block, Ukhrul Schools List

Schools list located in Kamjong, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
Aishi Ps Aishi Chassad Crc 795010
Apong Aided Lps Apong Maku 795010
Bungpa Khullen Ps Bungpa Khullen Grihang 795010
Bungpa Awungtang Ps Bunpa Awungtang Grihang 795010
Chahong Kl Ps Chahong Kl. Maku 795010
Chahong Kn Ps Chahong Kn. Chatric 795010
Chamu Govt. Jr Hs Chamu Chamu Crc 795010
Changa Aided Lps Changa Maku 795010
Chassad Ps Chassad Chassad Crc 795010
Lhingkim Memorial English Scho Chassad Chassad Crc 795010
Chatric Jr Hs Chatric Khullen Chatric 795010
Chatric Kn Ps Chatric Khunou Chatric 795010
Grihang Spm Jr Hs Grihang Grihang 795010
H Phaikoh Aided Ps H.phaikoh Nambisha/ramphoi Crc 795010
Hangkaw Ps Hangkaw Chassad Crc 795010
Hango Kaphung Aided Ps Hango Kaphung Chamu Crc 795010
Kachouphung Aided Lps Kachouphung Kuki Chamu Crc 795010
Compassion English School Kamjong Chassad Crc 795010
Kamjong Hs Kamjong Chassad Crc 795010
Kisan Seva Aided Jr Hs Kamjong Chassad Crc 795010
Pilgrim English School Kamjong Chassad Crc 795010
St. Peter English School Kamjong Chassad Crc 795010
Gampal Kashung Chamu Crc 795010
Khayang Ps Khayang Chamu Crc 795010
K Phungtha Aided Lps Khayang Phungtha Chamu Crc 795010
Khoikai Sv Khoikai Chassad Crc 795010
Kongkan Aided Ps Kongkan Grihang 795010
Kultuk Aided Ps Kultuk Chassad Crc 795010
Lakhan Ps Lakhan Grihang 795010
Maku Jr Hs Maku Maku 795010
Maokot Jr Hs Maokot Chatric 795010
Molvailup Aided Ps Molvailup Chassad Crc 795010
Nampisha Ps Nampisha Nambisha/ramphoi Crc 795010
Ningchou Ps Ningchou Grihang 795010
Ningthi Govt. Jr Hs Ningthi Chassad Crc 795010
Phalung Ps Phalung Maku 795010
Pihang P/s Pihang Chassad Crc 795010
R Langli Aided Lps R. Langli Maku 795010
Roni P/s Roni Chamu Crc 795010
Roni Sv Roni Chamu Crc 795010
Sahamphung Aided Ps Sahamphung Chamu Crc 795010
Sampui Sv Sampui Chassad Crc 795010
Shingcha Ps Shingcha Maku 795010
Skipe Ps Skipe Nambisha/ramphoi Crc 795010
Aishi Kuki / Lhungkhulen Ps Aishi Chassad Crc 795142
Bungpa Khunou Ps Bungpa Khunou Grihang 795142
Chahong Chingthak Aided Lps Chahong Chingthak Maku 795142
Assam Rifle Jr. Hs Chassad Chassad Crc 795142
Heijang Ps Haijang Chamu Crc 795142
K Langli Ps K. Langli Maku 795142