Bunghmun block, Lunglei Schools List

Schools list located in Bunghmun, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
B.c.m. Pvt. P/s, Belthei Belthei Thenhlum 796701
Belthei M/s Belthei Phairuangkai 796701
Belthei P/s Belthei Phairuangkai 796701
Phairuangchhuah P/s Belthei Phairuangkai 796701
Bolia Veng M/s Bolia Veng Phairuangkai 796701
Bolia Veng P/s Bolia Veng Thenhlum 796701
Synod Pvt P/s Bolia Bolia Veng Phairuangkai 796701
Buarpui Govt Hs Buarpui Sakawrdai 796701
Buarpui Govt. Hs Buarpui Buarpui 796701
Buarpui M/s Buarpui Buarpui 796701
Buarpui P/s - I Buarpui Buarpui 796701
Buarpui P/s - Ii Buarpui Buarpui 796701
English Medium School P/s, Buarpui Buarpui Buarpui 796701
English Medium School, Buarpui Buarpui Buarpui 796701
Standard M/s, Buarpui Buarpui Buarpui 796701
Bunghmun Govt. Hs Bunghmun Ramhlun 796701
Bunghmun P/s - I Bunghmun Phairuangkai 796701
Bunghmun P/s - Ii Bunghmun Thenhlum 796701
Holy Child English School, Bunghmun Bunghmun Phairuangkai 796701
Tleu P/s Bunghmun Ramhlun 796701
Tleu Ups Bunghmun Bunghmun 796701
Bungtlang 'w' Aided M/s Bungtlang 'w' Buarpui 796701
Bungtlang 'w' P/s Bungtlang 'w' Buarpui 796701
Changpui M/s Changpui Thenhlum 796701
Changpui P/s Changpui Thenhlum 796701
Darngawn 'w' M/s Darngawn 'w' Thenhlum 796701
Darngawn 'w' P/s Darngawn 'w' Thenhlum 796701
Dengsur Aided M/s Dengsur Buarpui 796701
Dengsur P/s Dengsur Buarpui 796701
Dengsur Rmsa Secondary School Dengsur Buarpui 796701
Hauruang Hs Hauruang Venglai 796701
Hauruang M/s Hauruang Venglai 796701
Hauruang P/s - I Hauruang Venglai 796701
Hauruang P/s - Ii Hauruang Venglai 796701
Pachang P/s Hauruang Venglai 796701
Pachang Ups Hauruang Venglai 796701
Kauchhuah P/s Kauchhuah Phairuangkai 796701
Kauchhuah Ups Kauchhuah Phairuangkai 796701
Zosapthara Memorial P/s, Kauchhuah Kauchhuah Phairuangkai 796701
Kawlhawk M/s Kawlhawk Buarpui 796701
Kawlhawk P/s Kawlhawk Buarpui 796701
Kawnpui 'w' M/s Kawnpui 'w' Thenhlum 796701
Kawnpui 'w' P/s Kawnpui 'w' Thenhlum 796701
Laisawral P/s Laisawral Ramhlun 796701
Lungchem M/s Lungchem Thenhlum 796701
Lungchem P/s Lungchem Thenhlum 796701
Lungdai 's' M/s Lungdai 's' Vanhne 796701
Lungdai 's' P/s Lungdai 's' Vanhne 796701
Bcm Ps Old Sachan Ramhlun 796701
New Sachan Egs Old Sachan Armed Veng 796701