Amas block, Gaya Schools List

Schools list located in Amas, in the district in the state of

School name Village Cluster Pin Code
P.s. Baghmarva School Baghmarva M.s.amas 824208
Ut. M.s Barki Chilmi School Barki Chilmi M.s.bishunpur-ii 824208
M.s.nima Budhaul School Nima M.s.bishunpur-ii 824208
Navsrijit P.s.ahuri School Ahuri M.s.hamjapur 824211
Raj.p.s Kundil School Amas Tola Kundil M.s.amas 824211
P.s.azad Bigha School Azad Bigha M.s.suggi 824211
P.s.bankat Ii School Bankat Ii M.s.suggi 824211
B.s.dr. B. A S.t School Amas School Chandisthan M.s.suggi 824211
M.s.chitab Khurd School Chitab Khurd M.s.hamjapur 824211
P.s.darna School Darna M.s.hamjapur 824211
Ur.p.s.boys Hemjapur School Hamzapur M.s.hamjapur 824211
Ur.p.s.girls Hemjapur School Hamzapur M.s.hamjapur 824211
P.s. Kormathu-2 School Kormathu M.s.hamjapur 824211
M.s.mahuawan School Mahuawan M.s.hamjapur 824211
P.s. Pranpur School Pranpur M.s.amas 824211
P.s. Purushottampur School Purushotmpur M.s.hamjapur 824211
M.s. Ramuan Chak School Ramuanchak M.s.hamjapur 824211
Ut.m.s. Shyam Kala School Sawn Kala M.s.suggi 824211
P.s.sawn Khurd School Sawn Khurd M.s.suggi 824211
Raj. H.s.shyamnagar Neema School Shyamnagar Neema M.s.hamjapur 824211
P.s. Tetaria-ii School Tetaria M.s.suggi 824211